A Little Maintenance

I wasn’t able to get out for a ride yesterday (and probably won’t today with storms on the way), so I spent a little time on bike maintenance on my commuter bike. I had stopped by the LBS earlier in the week to get new brake pads, and ended up coming home with a few more things.

It was pretty obvious that the brake pads were shot, and it was an easy job to change them out. Here’s the before and after shot.

Old and New Brake Pads

While in the shop, I asked about tires. My front tire was pretty worn, although the rear tire was in much better shape. With my current tire in hand, I asked about something a little narrower than my Michelin Day Trippers (I think) that would still fit the rim. The sales guy showed me three options, including a set of slicks much like I used to ride (and still have in the garage), and a set of massive road tires that he said were stock on the police bikes (Lt. Jim Dangle!). I opted for the middle of the road model – a set of Geax Street Runners, which apparently include Kevlar. They went on pretty easily as well.

Old and New Tires
New Street Runners on the Left

As I performed these rudimentary repairs, I learned quickly that a shop stand would be quite handy. I’ll add that to my wish list.

Harrison Tries Out the New Tires and Brakes
Here’s My Son Trying Things Out

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