Biking Makes Things Better

It was one of those mornings where things just wouldn’t go right. I had a real tough time getting out of the door on time, and it didn’t help when the puppy shot out of the door and across the street. It took me 10 minutes to catch her before I could leave. So, I ended up being late for work.

On the way in, I was having imaginary arguments with drivers who harassed me – even though in real life they were all courteous and safe around me.

At lunch, I decided to grab a Subway, but instead of walking three blocks to the Village location, I rode a mile to the west side. That little ride changed my whole mood, and the afternoon went really well.

On my way home on the South Work Route, I passed a group of students with radar guns who seemed to be doing a speed study on the highway. I asked the young lady with the gun how fast I was going, and she got a good laugh out of it.

If she had been measuring my speed, it probably would have clocked in at 7 or 8 MPH, as I was fighting a pretty fierce headwind. The Weather Channel reported sustained winds at 20, with gusts up to 40. Still, I had a great time and a strong workout.

Miles Ridden: 11.2

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