Bike Week – Day 5

Today is the official Bike to Work Day in Indiana (not sure who declared it, as there were no local observances), but I celebrated Bike to Work Half Day. Because I didn’t plan ahead well enough, I wasn’t able to ride in this AM. However, by noon it was warmer and drier (and I wasn’t late), so I rode the bike back after lunch at home.

Yesterday’s soaking left the seat on my Trek 820 dripping wet still today, so I took the road bike in. It’s a great bike to ride when wearing the appropriate clothing and shoes, but the Haggar slacks and shiny black leather shoes were not the best ensemble. With just a thin layer of gabardine (and cotton boxer briefs) between me and the seat, I felt all the bumps. Plus, my Rockports were sliding all over the pedals, and my feet slipped off once. Still, I got to work unscathed.

I still can’t bring myself to leave the Pilot on the rack, so it accompanied me down to the office.

I came home on the North Work Route, and saw the Wabash River Cycling Club Friday evening ‘C+’ ride leaving from Burstfield school. They dropped me pretty quickly.

I’d like to send out a big thank you to the drivers of the 4B Purdue West bus route, as they always refrain from passing me on the narrow stretch of Lindberg Road. After about half a mile, I pulled over in a turn lane to let her pass, and found that there were over 10 cars waiting behind the bus. I had to wait a little bit before I could merge back into the lane.

The headwind picked up on that last portion of the ride, but I hammered through and made it home in average time.

Miles Ridden: 11.9

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