Progress Towards Goal

Today is the last day of the month, and I’m once again behind on my mileage goal. So, my inspiration to ride today was all about numbers, not about fun.

It took me until 9:00 to finally get out of the house, and because of the already strong west winds, I started down Division Road. Not five minutes into the ride, I almost ran over a little bird, who looked like he had just left the nest for the first time. Since he was blending in well with the asphalt, it took a last minute lurch to the left to avoid squashing him.

Farm on 700W
Farm on 700W

It was tough riding into the headwinds going west, and then up the hills on 700W. (I basically followed the Lilly Road route, except that I headed east on 300S to Shadeland, rather than using 200S.) It was the east heading portion of the ride that got interesting. Those nasty headwinds became friendly tailwinds, as I was pedaling in almost my highest gear without working very hard. For several miles, I was sustaining 20+ MPH. Plus, since most of it was a new road for me, I had interesting things to look at.

Quilters Harvest
Quilters Harvest

Now, I know you probably think that all of my photos look the same (“Oh look, a picture of a horse! What a surprise!”), but I saw some neat fields I wanted to capture, but I was having too much fun moving down the road to stop. Maybe next time.

Creek on Lilly Road

Creek on Lilly Road
Which Creek is Cooler?

I had only driven through Shadeland on the highway, but I’ve never stopped before. Today, I learned that there wasn’t much to stop for, and I didn’t hang around long. A quick jog up 250W brought me back to Lilly Road and the normal route.

My Favorite Divided 4 Lane Highway
High Speed Bike Lane

After speeding down the hill on US231, I was back into the headwinds on River Road towards home. However, by this time, I was in a much better mood than when I started.

Miles Ridden: 20.6 (not quite enough)

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