Chased by the Rain

I need to watch the Weather Channel a little better so that I can get out on my rides before the storms come. It wasn’t until I was about as far away from my house that I could be on my route before I heard the thunder. Here’s what I saw behind me.

There's a Storm a-Comin'
Lots of Rain

I was on the Lilly Road Route and was planning to continue onto the Wabash Avenue Route. However, the threat of rain convinced me to head north on the US231 bridge a back home.

As I left the bridge, the rain started. But in my favor, it only lasted a few minutes as the heavy stuff must have turned to the north. Still, I was hammering pretty hard to get home and got a great workout.

Another Wea Creek Shot
Another Shot of Wea Creek – After the High Water has Receded.

I passed a gentleman on a road bike somewhere on River Road going the opposite way, and then again on Lilly Road near the factory. He and I must have been taking the same route in different directions.

Miles Ridden: 17.8

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