Even at 7:00 this morning, it was already hot and humid. The neighbor and I took off on the Lilly Road Route hoping to face the WSW wind before it picked up for the day and then have it push us back home. That worked pretty well, making the easterly portion of the route quick and easy.

More Hay Rolls

Passing over the Wea Creek, we noticed it was a lot higher than normal. (Here it is last week) Apparently, the excessive rains south of us have to run off somewhere. Even more unusual was the strong smell of pesticides coming from the water. Some hapless farmer must have just applied the annual batch of noxious chemicals on his fields, only to have it washed away by the rains. Should we expect a fish kill downstream?

Same Creek - Different Day
Wea Creek – a Little on the High Side

The neighbor mentioned taking the Avenue, but in the interest of time, we came back across the Wabash on the Brannigan Bridge. With the tailwinds and downhill run, we were like rock stars (well, maybe cycling stars) screaming down and over the bridge. I don’t use my highest gear often, but today was a day to try it out.

When we reached River Road, we opted to run through campus, on the way home. In the summer, when the student count is low and weather is pleasant, there is much road construction, so we had to snake through a couple of closures to get back to the airport and on home.

Miles Ridden: 19.5

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