Which Lane Do I Use Again?

Muppet of the day award goes to the lady in the large SUV who came up to the stop sign on Sharon Chapel Road as I was riding towards campus on Newman Road. She never really stopped, but instead inched ahead as I approached the intersection. When I was basically in front of her, she turned into the left lane parallel to me. We traveled along for a few seconds – me in the correct lane, and her in the way of potential oncoming traffic. To get her attention, I yelled “HEY” in my best dad voice, and she gave me that “What?!!?” look before speeding off. What an idiot.

Threatening Skies

As I left work on the North Work Route, threatening clouds filled the sky (more threatening than this picture indicates). Luckily, the storm moved east and not south. It was dry and sunny all the way home.

Miles Ridden: 11.9

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