Looking for the Tower

Morehouse Road North
As the neighbor and I were discussing where to ride today, I learned that he did not know about the Cairo Watchtower.  So, we decided to head that way.We first headed northwest on 400W and Jackson Highway to Montmorenci.  A little farther north on US231 brought us to 500N, which is fast becoming my favorite east-west road in the north part of the county.  North on Morehouse Road past the xmas tree farm brought us to 600N.  We then took that road east to County Farm Road (aka 50W).  This intersection has been popular with school builders as we can find a high school and elementary school here, along with the soon to open Battleground Middle school.  While we should have turned north to find Cairo, the neighbor was running out of time, so we instead turned south towards town.  The tower will (hopefully) be there another day.
As we reached West Lafayette, we decided to head down the hill on Happy Hollow Road – one of the faster hills in our area.  I hit 35MPH during the descent.We took River Road from the bottom of the hill all the way back home – mostly to avoid the two additional hills on the campus route.
Xmas Tree Farm
Xmas Tree Farm
Miles Ridden: 26.4UPDATE: I forgot all about the muppet of the day! Where Kalberer Road meets Soldiers Home Road is a ‘T’ intersection. As we came up to the right turn towards Happy Hollow Road, a lady driving a Honda Pilot came up next to me. She looked to the left, but never to the right (towards me) before executing the ‘rolling stop’ followed by a fast right turn. Lucky for me I stopped when I didn’t gain eye contact with her, or I would have been right hooked. We laughed and made fun of her as she sped off.

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