Grocery Store Workout

I rode up to the supermarket today to pick up a few things. I wasn’t feeling my strongest, but I made it over the hills and up to the store.

As I left, I put my groceries in the panniers and headed back down towards home. As I reached the intersection of Stadium and Northwestern, my phone rang. It was a cashier from the store calling to tell me that I had left my camera and notebook in a cart. Great! With the gallon of milk and a gallon of iced tea, plus some produce, meat, and crackers, my bike was easily 20 lbs heavier going back up the hill. I retrieved the forgotten items, and went back down the hill once more – meeting a wrong way cyclist towards the bottom. (I hate it when I have to slow down on a hill and lose all of that momentum.) Like the guy the other day, Mr. Left Side didn’t seem to want to hear my opinion on his choice of position.

I stopped at the Circle K to get a drink, and found that my wallet had been stripped of all cash by my family, causing me to pay the $1.36 total with my debit card.

Sweaty and tired, I arrived home too late and too tired to make the planned dinner for which I had purchased the groceries. Scrambled eggs saved the day.

Miles Ridden: 14.4

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