Week in Review

It’s kind of tough to get psyched about writing a blog post about a ride when every ride seems the same.

This past week I commuted on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Each day, the morning temps were in the high 30s. This means I have to start wearing a jacket over my work clothes, full finger gloves, and even my headband/ear warmer on one day. Still, my thumbs were tingling when I arrived at the bike rack. Any colder, and I’ll have to wear my cold weather biking gear and change at the office. (I’m really lucky to have an office with a door and a place to keep my clothes on hangers. If I had to bring everything in pannier and change in the handicap stall every day, I probably wouldn’t do it.)

A plus on the way home was tailwinds each day – some strong. This makes the ride quick and fun. With temps in the high 50s, I’m wearing long sleeves and long pants for the ride home.

The biggest change is that I seem to be riding by myself. Apart from the occasional student on the sidewalk, I don’t see any other riders. Colder temps and lower gas prices have them back in the SUV for the winter.

These are my only rides this week, as I have been unable to get out on the road bike for a fun ride. My schedule has been less than cooperative, but my biggest problem is my mood. I have not been able to convince myself to get out, and I don’t know why. When I do, I enjoy it, but I have to get started first. We’ll see what happens this weekend.

Miles Ridden:

Monday: 7.2
Tuesday: 7.6
Wednesday: 7.2

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