Can You Come Out and Play?

The message on my phone yesterday read “[the neighbor] called, he wants you to come out and play.”

Is wasn’t until this afternoon that we made it out, but we did. I’m glad he called and set the ride up; otherwise I would have never left my recliner.

We’re in a small warm up this week, with temps in the mid-40s instead of below 0. Today was also sunny with calm winds, so the roads were calling.

Hey!  Your Barn Door is Open!

The ride followed the Llama Route, although the namesake animals were nowhere to be seen. (I didn’t see the goats either.)

There was a little trouble with our clothing today. While the neighbor had shorts and three shirts, I had long pants and two jerseys. I was warm, while he was freezing. He said the cold air was like an ice pack on his sore knee.

Front Yard

I’ll try to get out after work once this week while the warm weather is around. Cold and rain are coming back soon.

Miles Ridden: 12.7

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