The Tires Were Flat

Since I started keep detailed ride records, back in March 2005, I’ve ridden at least one ride each month. That is, until last month. Because of all kinds of reasons, but mostly mood issues, I didn’t hop on the saddle once in October.

I’ve been fighting a lack of interest in riding since at least last fall, and it has been really strong this summer. I think my neighbor has given up on me and is once again riding alone. (Although, he did call this morning after I had left). Once last month, I was trying to talk myself into it, but the thought of actually riding a bike was repulsive.

WarpedEverything changed today when a rare intersection of good weather and good spirits saw me jump on the Trek 820 for my usual weekend visit to a coffee shop for hot chocolate and web surfing. The hill was a little tough for my out of shape legs, but overall the ride was good. I got warm enough to swap out the hot chocolate for a cold cream soda.

While I was online, my son sent an email wanting me to bring him food to his dorm room. I suggested a ride to the store, and he agreed. However, I could tell he thought I meant a ride in my truck, and not on bikes. He saw my cycling gloves as he came out of the front door and bolted back to his room.

Let's Go 4 Wheelin'!On the way home, I saw a Purdue University Police patrol car, parked in a bike lane – totally blocking it, as the officer watched traffic go by. I should have stopped for a photo, but I chickened out.

So now, my consecutive month total stands at one and counting.

Miles Ridden: 9.3

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