Sitting at the coffee shop this AM, I thought about goals for the upcoming riding season. Long time readers will know that I used to be quite the rider and have really slacked off the past couple of years.

Instead of overreaching, I’ve decided to set one doable goal for the year: Become the bike commuter I used to be three years ago.

Here’s the breakdown:

  • March: Ride to work at least once. With a vacation coming up at the end of the month, that means sometime in the next two weeks.
  • April: Ride to work twice a week. This means eight times in the month. Should be easy.
  • June, July, August: Three times a week. Gives me a chance to work in the suit days and avoid nasty weather, but still a good workout.
  • September: Same as April – twice a week
  • October: Commute once a week.
  • November: Just like March, I’ll try to get one in

It’s likely that I’ll work in some utility rides, and maybe a few recreational ones, but those are gravy on top of the goal.

Notice that I have not promised to post more here, but I have a feeling that an increase in rides will foster an increase in words.

What are your goals for this year?

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