30 Days of Biking – Day 7: Savin’ Big Money

Savin' Big Money

The weather today was perfect for a ride. When I needed to head to the hardware store for parts, I knew the bike was the way to go.

The store is pretty much four miles straight north as the crow flies, but since the roads weren’t built for birds, my route was a bit more roundabout.

Not much to report, other than one guy who yelled something as he passed me. No idea what he said.

Since there is no bike rack at the West Lafayette Menards, I used a post to lock up.

Weed n Feed TransportOnce inside, I remembered that I also needed to pick up a bag of weed n feed for the lawn. No problem, I can just strap it onto the rack.

On the way back, someone behind me in a truck was giving me the short honk, as if I should pull off the road to let him pass. I gave him the “drive around me” hand signal, but he honked again. He finally passed me, only to turn into a parking lot 10 seconds after. What was scary was his lady decided to yell profane things at me as they passed by, and I’m a little embarrassed to admit that I returned the favor. Once she started using a hand signal of her own, I slowed down and kept my mouth shut. No need to cause any further altercation.

Other than that half a minute incident, it was a great ride, and I really did “save big money”.

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