On the Road to Nowhere

It has been almost a month since my knee injury. I got back on the bike Friday when my wife misplaced her car key and took my truck to work.  I rode in again today, and the knee pain seems to be gone.


Riding home along Harrison Street, I pondered the apparent bike lane being installed on the north side of the street. It parallels the roadway for three blocks, up to the roundabout at the intersection with Martin Jischke Street. Then, it just stops.


I can’t think of a good way for a bike lane to be integrated with a roundabout because of the fact that autos don’t normally stop. However, this plan seems to be especially awkward for cyclists. Basically, they are dumped at a crosswalk, where I guess they are expected to dismount and cross as a pedestrian.  Since riding on sidewalks is discouraged, there doesn’t seem to be another option.


I don’t like using separated lanes, because of the danger at street and driveway crossings, plus I’m not happy with the second class road user vibe that they impart.

You likely will not see me using this lane.

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