Saturday Morning


Chances for me to ride have been hard to come by lately, so when I had time, weather, and mood all on my side, I jumped on the bike!

Well, actually I had to find my pump and inflate the tires first.  It has been a few weeks since I last rode.

First Ride on the New Highway

I’ve been eyeing the fresh concrete of the new US 231 bypass for a while.  It is always fun to ride a new road without the bother of motorized traffic, and my route took me to the south end of the bypass near the Branigan bridge.

End of the Line

Only about half a mile is paved so far, so this trip was cut short.  I’ll try again in the few weeks, or maybe attack from the SR26 crossing and head south.

The plan for this highway includes a separate bike lane/trail, but there is no sign of it so far. We’ll see.

Former Eli Lilly Site in the Background

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