Not the only Bald Guy Out There

Today is the first day of my week long vacation, and I started things off right with a bike ride to Granville Bridge. Leaving early in the AM helped me beat the heat, but not the humidity.

dust covered bike

The Dustiest Bike in the World

My road bike was a little dusty from being in the garage near a table saw. Luckily, most of the sawdust blew off during the ride. The ride out to the bridge went quickly, with a slightly downhill route and a weak tailwind.

As I stopped on the bridge, I noticed a bald eagle feeding on the riverbank. We have had eagles in this area for over 10 years, and now they are fairly common along the river. Still, I enjoy seeing them in person.

view of low river

The eagle is the little spec in the middle of the shot

After he finished whatever he was eating, he walked about three yards out into the river, which apparently wasn’t more than a few inches deep at that point because of the ongoing drought. He then turned around and kind of hopped back to shore, using his wings to help him move. It wasn’t until he was out of the water that I noticed the rather large fish he had in his talons. Fishing is pretty easy for the birds right now!

view of low river

The Wabash River is Really Low Right Now

normal river level

Compare to this shot from 2008

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