Ride for No Reason

Bike leaning against a cargo trailer

After the ride

Lately I seem to be limiting my rides to commutes to work, but I remember when I used to ride just for fun. Today, I relived those memories. I rode into town for a stop at the coffee shop, and then took the long way home (after a quick drive to WalMart with my daughter).

Celery Bog next to the bike trail

Celery Bog

It didn’t hurt that the weather was near perfect for a ride – sunny, mid 70s, light breeze. Also, traffic was light on all roads.

Bike lane sign with the letter B hidden

Ike Lane

I enjoy riding on campus and through West Lafayette on a quiet Sunday morning.

Gaudy subdivision entrance

Kingsroad Subdivision

I used an old, familiar route home past the Celery Bog, west on Lindberg Rd, and home on 400W. The big tree in the middle of the intersection at Division Rd and 350W is still doing well, even after losing a major branch a couple of years ago.

Old tree with a stop sign nailed to it

Big Tree

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