It’s Back!!

I retrieved my bike from the shop yesterday. While I think they do a pretty good job there, I was a little miffed when I had to take the bike back for a tweak. Last year, they didn’t fix the gear slippage problem I was having. It turned out that the grip shifter was broken, and they didn’t catch it the first time. This time, I had asked that they check the front brake since one of the pads was rubbing on the wheel. When I got home, I tried it out, and it was the same. I returned about 10 minutes before closing time, and the mechanic grabbed a screwdriver and fixed it. Next time, I’ll check everything before I leave!

Anyway, the neighbor and I traveled the Granville Bride Route this morning. The weather was great, and we saw a deer waiting patiently on the side of the road for us to pass.

Miles Ridden: 9.4
Total This Year: TBD 394

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