Number 2 of the Day

After a quick shower, I was back on the bike to head to work. I was scheduled to speak at a staff meeting, so I dressed up in nice pants, shirt, and tie. I took my sportcoat in yesterday, so I was ready for action! (A side note: I love having an office with a door. It’s much easier changing clothes there than in the handicapped stall in the mens’ room.)

I took the North Work Route home, and I wish I would have brought my camera. First, all of the cars parked in the bike lane on Grant street caught my eye. It wasn’t until later that I realized that they were parking outside the area to be blocked off for the Soap Box Derby competition held on Saturday. I’ll forgive them this time.

Towards the end of the ride, I passed a pack of wild miniature terriers. Actually, they live at the trailer on 400W that is near the hill heading down to 350W. It would have been a funny shot.

It was on this ride that I noticed that the mechanic must have messed with my seat. I don’t mind them checking things out, but they should put them back when done. The horn of the seat was much higher than I was used to, and the boys were complaining.

Miles Ridden: 12.4
Total This Year: TBD 407

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