I’m Late – Very Late

The neighbor and I headed out in the steamy, hot morning air for a quick ride. I had to take my son to school and be at work early, so I needed to be home by 7:00.

We headed northwest on what ended up being a modified Llama Route (with 500W in place of 550/575W). The problem was that even though he said we would be back maybe five minutes late, we didn’t return until 7:15. I ended up not getting breakfast at home, leaving late, stopping at Mac’s on the way in, dropping a piece of Egg-a-Muff on my pants (which immediately left a small grease stain), and walking in 10 minutes after 8:00. Things were already hitting the fan.

Welcome to Monday!

Miles Ridden: 12.3
Total This Year: TBD + 214

Here’s a GMaps Pedometer Map for the route.

UPDATE: Oh! I forgot to mention that there were workmen on Division Road preparing to add the bikelanes to the newly paved stretch. We thought that maybe they had decided against installing them. This will make this road much safer for us cyclists.

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