Mid-Day Mountain Stage

It was 11:15 before I started out today. I had to see the end of the Tour stage before I left.

I thought about taking the Lilly Road Route clockwise, but at the last minute I decided to head into West Lafayette. I ended up on River Road pointed north. My legs were feeling great, and the speed was good. One car honked at me for being in his way, and I didn’t let it bother me. I just waved back (with all of my fingers – not just one).

I turned northwest onto Happy Hollow Road. It’s a bit of a climb, but I’ve done it before. However, about half way up I started feeling quite bad. Hot, dizzy, a bit queasy – I pulled over for a rest. After a couple minutes straddling my bike trying to get my breathing under control, I walked over to a shady spot under a bush and sat for a while. It was 10 minutes before I felt normal again. I need to quit riding right after watching a bike race run up a few mountains. Lance Armstrong I’m not!

Anyway, after I recovered I completed the hill with dark clouds rapidly moving overhead. The route continued north on Soldier’s Home Road and east on Kalberer Road. A few raindrops came down, but no big storm.

I turned south onto Salisbury and traveled down to Grant, and on south to Stadium. A right took me west by the dorms and Slayter Center. South on McCormick, west on SR26, and southwest on Newman brought me back to Division Road and home.

This would have been a good ride to have taken my camera. I saw:

  • A golden lab on a walk wearing booties. I’m guessing to protect his feet from the heat.
  • A partially hidden police car setting a speed trap.
  • A four wheeled “pedal buggy”. I don’t know the proper name for this contraption. It had two passengers, and they were pedaling down the street pulling a trailer carrying 4 plastic recycle bins.

Maybe next time.

Miles Ridden: 15.8
Total This Year: 202 + TBD

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