Breaking Out of the Rut

As I mentioned on Friday, I need to find some new morning rides. Today, the neighbor and I combined some familiar roads in a new way to shake things up a bit.

We started west on Division to north on 400W. We turned left onto Jackson Highway and headed northwest. At 475W, we hung a right and traveled up to US52.

US52 has a wide paved shoulder, so we were able to ride side-by-side back to 400W. Heading south, we rode to Lindberg Road/200N and turned east.

At Klondike Road, we turned south. This road was a little busy at 6:40, so we jumped off at Drury Lane. This is a little subdivision road that loops around to SR26. The scariest part of the ride was SR26 east to Sharon Chapel Road (250W). Sharon Chapel heads south to Newman Road, where we rode southwest to Division Road and home.

I’m not sure if this will become an official route, but it was a good change of pace.

After a quick shower, I rode to work along the usual route. Unfortunately, the head cold I’ve been fighting since Friday made me wonder if I would be able breathe on the way home. My wife picked me up on her way home from the store.

Miles Ridden: 11.1 (part 1) + 3.5 (part 2) = 14.6
Total This Year: TBD + 390

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