Llama Route

Lasting just over an hour (at least at my pace), this route rolls past a farm that allegedly houses several llamas. Since I’ve never seen them out when I go by, I’m going to have to take the word of family and friends who have.

Start on Division Road and head west to 400W. After climbing the ‘wake up’ hill, continue north to Jackson Highway. Take the Highway northwest to 600W. A sharp left will lead south (past the llama farm) to SR26.

This is where the llamas should be

A quick jog east on SR26 leads to 550W. Turn south and coast down the hill to Division Road.

Bunnies and duckies?

Pedal east to the South River Road intersection and continue east to 350W. Take this road north to Division Road and turn east to return to Newman Road.

This little cottage looks to be vacant

See more photos from the Llama Route here and here.

UPDATE: And here to see actual llama photos!

Llama Farm

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