Campus Tour – Plus Ladies Night

I wanted to ride to work today, but I had a meeting at the Ross Building at 8:30. For those of you not familiar with the Purdue campus, the Ross Building is across town from the rest of the campus, and the route climbs a major hill (at least for a rider like me). I can climb it without too much difficulty, but I was worried about arriving in a big sweat.

Instead, I took a quick power ride around campus, including a ride up and down the Wood St. Garage and around the Stadium. I stood up for most of the hills and tried riding fast on the level parts.

After I got home, I talked my wife and daughter into going out for a quick ride. As we were leaving, my daughter says “My bike is leaking!” Turns out her front shocks dumped all their oil on the driveway. She rode anyway, but the shocks were bottomed out and the brakes were rubbing, squeaky, and ineffective. (Serves me right for buying Chinese made crap!) Unfortunately, my wife was afraid of the (light) traffic, so we only covered a mile and a half.

Miles Ridden: 11.0
Total This Year: 401 + TBD

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