This Fall on NBC – Bike Cops!

When the fall semester started this year, a curious thing happened. The bike rack at my building filled up. Now, this building is not a classroom building, nor is it a student residence hall, so one wouldn’t expect a bunch of student bikes there. Plus, I’m the only one that rides to work (occasionally). Last year, mine was often the only bike in the rack. Now, I have to squeeze in.

I asked the building deputy where all of the bikes came from, and she told me that they were used by undercover police officers who cruise the campus as students. Apparently, they don’t want to be seen riding to and from the police station, so they drive over to my place and start from there.

Dauch Bike Rack
I had a good ride to work today. The temperature was cool and there was little wind. Coming home, I started on the North Work Route, but instead of turning from Salisbury to Lindberg, I continued north to Kalberer Road. Turning west, I rode to the Cattail Trail and followed it south past the Evil Empire and the Lilly Nature Center at Celery Bog back to Lindberg. Lindberg, 400W, and Division Road brought me back home.

Miles Ridden: 15.5

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