Disaster Averted!

It’s getting dark in the mornings. The neighbor and I headed out for the usual 6:00am ride, and headlights and blinky tail lights were in order. It’s not too bad on the open country roads. Cars can see us. We can see them. Everyone’s happy.

Unfortunately, it is a little difficult to see the smaller obstacles in the road. I narrowly missed rolling into a rather large dog pile in the bike lane (no photos). That would have splattered all over me and probably the neighbor behind me as well.

We basically took the Granville Bridge Route, but instead of riding onto the bridge, we rolled up to the entrance for Martel Forest. Coming back, we took River Road by the Gourd House.

It was our first ride on the recently finished bike lanes on Division and River Roads. Out in the country, it is very nice having a separate lane on a busy commuter road like that. There is a lot of traffic between 6:30 and 7:00 heading east – presumably to jobs on campus or in Lafayette. Thanks to the Tippecanoe County Highway Department and their contractors for a job well done.

Because of the darkness, I haven’t been taking my camera along on rides. However, I saw a couple of neat sunrise shots on the way back that could have competed well in the Weather Picture of the Week contest. I’ll bring it next time.

Miles Ridden: 11.5

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