It’s Back

Free Bike
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You may remember back in the spring when I went to get a picture of a bike that had been locked to an electrical tower the entire winter.

Well, it’s back! The bike, in the same spot as before, has been there for about a month.

So, the offer is back on. Free bike at the intersection of Lindberg and Klondkie roads.

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One Response to It’s Back

  1. Barry says:

    Maybe he’s at work somewhere close by, or meets a ride there? Is the bike there all night too? It’s kind of interesting… a mystery. Why not leave a note on the bike with your web address, tell him to search for “free bike”, and leave a comment about his “commute” or why the bike is there so much. Inquiring minds want to know. Of course he may get pissed that you’re giving away his bike, but it does look abandoned.

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