Lights! Camera! Action!

The Geek wants to affix a video camera to his helmet, and he has linked to another rider that has posted couple of movies of trail rides. The video is a little unnerving, since we can’t really see what’s coming up, but it looks like fun.

I can’t top that, but I do have a handheld feature from last year that I can show. I took this on the same November day as this picture as I was riding down Northwestern Ave in West Lafayette. There was a little bit of auto and foot traffic heading to the Purdue Women’s Basketball game that was soon to start. I’m using my Canon PowerShot S-50 on the movie setting held in my right hand. (Don’t laugh at the sweats, it was cold!)

Click for Movie (19MB)

Towards the beginning, a van honks and I spin around to get a picture. Turns out, it was my wife driving to the store for supper. What a great coincidence!


Here’s the video on YouTube:

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