Cruisin’ the Avenue

I was trying to come up with a title that somehow tied into the MLK Holiday, but none sounded right. (It’s much easier to come up with something cute about Arbor Day or Labor Day.) Regardless, today was a nice day, and I was able to enjoy it.

On this ride I explored the newly defined Wabash Avenue Route. The sky was clear and sunny, the temperature was warm, and the wind was light.

On the Bridge, I noticed what looked kind of like broken safety glass particles, but it turned out to be road salt. The hill up to SR25 was surprisingly easy.

Here’s a question for you. At the US231/SR25 intersection, I had to cross 2 lanes of thru traffic to get to the left turn lane. After I got there, drivers started passing me on the left shoulder to get to the light first. Is there a better way to make a left here? I didn’t want to go all the way to the left shoulder because I would then have to cross the path of the left turning cars to get over to the right shoulder on SR25. Another option would be to continue straight on US231 until I reached the far side of SR25 and then make a 270˚ turn to enter the shoulder going east. It’s a little confusing to both me and any auto traffic trying to guess my path. Any suggestions?? The turn onto Old Romney Road has similar problems.

At the top of Wabash Avenue, I rode up into the parking lot of the concrete factory to an overlook to the west. Here is a panoramic view of the wastewater plant in the foreground and the Purdue campus in the back.

View from Wabash Avenue
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When I reached Smith Street, I did a little backtracking to find the bottom of the pedestrian bridge wheelchair ramp. There was no doubt that there was broken glass in the alley.

Downtown, I saw the Trolley that I often take to lunch. It runs right past my office building.


The Myers Bridge offered some nice, sunny views.

Sundial on the Myers Bridge

As I was heading up the last hill on Newman Road, my son called to remind me that I was late to take him to a school function, so I tackled the last 10 minutes at a good clip.

Miles Ridden: 14

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