Last Minute Decision = Late Start = Short Ride

It was only after the Purdue/Indiana game today when I decided to ride. Since I didn’t leave until almost 5:00, I only had about an hour before sunset. I decided to take 400W up to Fat Ass Road*, and back on Klondike and Sharon Chapel Road. There was a little traffic on Klondike Road and on SR26, but they were all polite (as was I). I was going pretty slow and stopped for pictures several times, so it took about 45 minutes.

Farm House at Sunset
I like the way the setting sun lit up the cornstubble

*Did I ever tell the story about Fat Ass Road? The neighbor and I were riding along 400W about a quarter of a mile from 250N before work. A pickup type truck with a flatbed in back had to wait for about 5 seconds before it could pass. The driver gunned it when the road was clear, turned onto 250N and stopped. He leaned towards the passenger window and screamed “Get off the road, fat ass!” Now, the neighbor is pretty thin, so I’m guessing he was referring to my 240lb frame. Apparently, he doesn’t appreciate the sight of a gentleman of my size in spandex shorts.

Anyway, 250N has been “Fat Ass Road” ever since.

Long Shadows

Miles Ridden: 8.0
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6 Responses to Last Minute Decision = Late Start = Short Ride

  1. Tom Stormcrowe says:

    I think I ran across the guy at a traffic light in the east side of town a couple of weeks ago! For some reason, he freaked when he got trapped at the light and I rode up alongside of him after he yeled this and I courteously invited him to discuss his manners and breeding outside of his locked up vehicle!::GRIN::

  2. Dan says:

    I’m guessing he declined your invitation.

  3. Tom Stormcrowe says:

    Yup, wouldn’t even unlock the door!::GRIN:: And I was so polite about it!

  4. blipzandstripz says:

    This is so odd. I was going to leave a comment at Jill in Alaska’s site that I had posted the same picture as her, and then I see in the comments that you had too.

    Three in the same day. How totally odd.

  5. Dan says:

    At least three. Kinda spooky.

  6. Fritz says:

    In my experience, the Midwest has about the most hostile motorists that I’ve encountered as a cyclist or a motorist. Austin, TX comes in at a close second.

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