Back on the Avenue

The weather man was reporting much rain today, so I didn’t think much about riding. As the morning went on, the sun came out and the menacing blob of green and yellow on the radar had dissipated. I went to the hardware store and bought some cleaning supplies: brush, sponges, and bucket.

You all remember my dirty bike from January. Well, I finally cleaned it today. Under all of that mud and grime is a pretty nice bike. Although, it is starting to show its age with a fair number of scratches and paint marks (from the pole in the garage where it leans).

Anyway, as the weather still looked good at 3:00, I stopped at the bike shop for some new pedals. I broke the right pedal about 2 years ago, and I’m just now fixing it. Regular maintenance just isn’t my thing! The new ones are normal sized BMX, not the big platforms I had before.

Broken Pedal

Still no rain at 3:45, so I decided to hit the road.

I started out on the Wabash Avenue Route with a quick detour up and down the Tippecanoe County Parking Garage. The view was pretty nice.

View from the Garage
View from the Garage

After crossing the river, I abandoned the route and instead wheeled over to the Wabash 9 Theatre where my wife was about to pick up my son after a movie. While I was inside fetching him, a couple of skateboard boys purposefully knocked over my bike. My wife jumped out and yelled at them. When she told me about it, I pointed at them saying “Those guys?” They must have seen me, because they were long gone or hiding when I rounded the corner looking for them.

Upside Down Cake on the Avenue
Upside Down Cake on the Avenue

I took State Street up the hill and through campus, and on home on Newman Road.

Miles Ridden: 13.6

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