The Worst Month of the Year

I’ve seen several blog posts lately spouting the benefits of commuting by bike, including one using reverse psychology, but it’s tough to get too fired up about it when the weather is so crappy.

Those in the warmer climates are already getting back into the season, while those of us in Indiana wait for the cold, wind, and rain to stop. Just the rain is enough to stop me, but any two out of that list is killer.

Today, I had to walk to and from the parking garage several times, and I got wet despite the umbrella. There’s no way I could use the bike during or after a rain storm and still pull off my middle manager look at work. If I dressed down or was able to pack my work clothes in a pannier I’d be fine. I’m thinking of converting a cabinet in my office to a small clothes closet. All of the office furniture is new in my building, so the powers may get a little upset.

Anyway, I hope conditions improve soon.

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