Can You See Me Now?

It’s pretty quiet here at the DanOnBike blog, since the weather seems to be keeping me indoors. However, I’m not totally away from biking since I’m planning for the upcoming season.

I’m going to take the bike in this week for a spring tune-up to take care of some ongoing problems. This may be the year where I get a new cassette. Also, the back wheel has a wobble in it.

Reelight Electodynamic BikelightsSince Indiana will be observing Daylight Saving Time for the first time in over 30 years, and my morning rides will be darker than years past, I’m looking at some new equipment. Today I ordered a set of Electrodynamic Bikelights from Reelight in Denmark. The cost was 43,95€€ (I have no idea what that is in US dollars.) I’ll give a review once they are installed.

Next on the list is a reflective vest.

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