Honor Roll Ride

Unlike 2 weeks ago, I didn’t let my excuses ruin a good weather day. My daughter and I celebrated her inclusion in the spring honor roll with a father/daughter breakfast before school. I dropped her off at 8:00, parked my car in the corner of the school lot, and rode the bike back into town. I was about 45 minutes late for work, so I flexed my schedule to compensate. My off campus meeting was easily reachable by bike, and lunch by bus. It was also once again the day to take shirts to the cleaners, but having my own bike back meant that panniers were available.

After work I took the long way back to the school, and the tailwind from the south made most of the ride easy and quick.

Towards the end of the ride, I noticed a wobble in the back tire again. Did I break another spoke? I’ll check tomorrow.

Miles Ridden: 18.1

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