Park to Park

(I shouldn’t post these things a day after the ride. I’m already forgetting what I was going to write.)

Rail bridge over the Wabash River
View from the River Bank

It took a lot of self-prodding to get off of the lazy boy and in the saddle at 5:30 today. With the NE wind, I decided to ride to the Levee and then north on Happy Hollow Road. The Wabash River Heritage Trail and Tapawingo Park were bustling with patrons (mostly young couples). Climbing the hill on Happy Hollow really zapped me, but at least I didn’t have to stop halfway like last time.

As I was riding on Cumberland Ave, I was thinking that I should write about the weird bike lanes in West Lafayette. There seems to be no consistency in markings or practices. Someday….

More happy park users on the Cattail Trail and at the Celery Bog Nature Center.

US52 as seen from Soldiers Home Road
View from the Bridge

Miles Ridden: 16.7

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