Hardware Ride

There are only four streets/roads that I try my best to avoid, and the new Home Depot in Lafayette is at the intersection of two of them – Sagamore Parkway (US52) and South Street (SR26). Both are divided, 4-lane, urban highways, and drivers don’t expect bikes to be there.

I needed to get a new lawn sprinkler, plus I wanted to see the new store. I thought about the route quite a bit, and decided to use Beck Lane to travel east through Lafayette. I used Earl Ave. to get to Kossuth Street, and then Farabee to South. It was only a quarter mile or so along South Street to Home Depot’s back entrance. Despite the wide shoulder, I still had to navigate several right turn lanes and access points.

Home Depot
No Bike Rack at Home Depot

Since there was no bike rack, I chained my ride to a bench that didn’t weigh much more than the Trek. Note the rusty Schwinn tied to the post. It wouldn’t be too tough to lift it up two feet if one wanted to take it.

After shopping, I took the parking lot route over to the Milk Barn by lifting my bike over the railroad tracks separating the lots. (I saw the former mayor buying a Powerball ticket.) A little more parking lot travel took me to the crossing leading to the McDonalds. They seemed to be hosting some sort of hot rod show. Mac’s back exit leads back to Earl Ave. Union and Salem streets took my back across the river and then home. I even was able to take a quick side trip through the Horticulture Park on the west side of campus.

Hort Park
Hort Park Trail

Miles Ridden: 18.3

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