Sunday on the Avenue

I only had an hour to ride today, so I decided to take a modified Wabash Avenue Route. I turned it around and rode clockwise, plus I avoided the entire campus area by using River Road both outbound and inbound. I think I may like it better clockwise, since I didn’t have the left turns on and off of SR25 to worry about.

Lafayette Skyline
The Lafayette Skyline from the Myers Bridge

I was surprised with the traffic on River Road – especially heading east. I was passed by many people, and all but a couple waited until the oncoming lane was clear before doing so. On the way home, I heard a car coming up fast from behind. I tend to ride in the “take the lane” position – about 2-3 feet left of the white line, and while I didn’t edge left to convince him to wait, I didn’t give up my position either. Even though I was well within my legal rights to use any part of the lane as I wished, I didn’t want to be the cause (at least in my mind) of a horrible accident. Instead, I kept traveling in a straight line, knowing that anything that happened was not my fault. The oncoming car swerved into the grass on the shoulder and honked angrily at the passing car.

Miles Ridden: 13.1

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