Back In The Saddle

(I’ve got the Aerosmith song in my head as I type. “I’m BAAACCKKK – I’m back in the saddle again”)

Today was my first ride in almost 2 weeks. I rode to work and came home on the North Work Route. Nothing special, but it felt good to get out again (except for the pain in my knee and the cramp in my thigh).

No pictures today, but wish I could have recorded the bicycle cop in Lafayette that pulled over a car. I didn’t see it happen, and I’m wondering how he did it.

Also, on the way home I was passed by two different groups on riders on Lindberg Road, and at least one was the WRCC All Class ride leaving Burtsfield Elementary. They passed very politely with an ‘on your left’ or ‘it sure is getting hot today’. I kept up pretty well on the slight downhill, but when the road pointed up, I fell back quickly. I’m not trying to keep up with fit people on skinny tire bikes.

Miles Ridden: 11.8

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