Biking in Mexico

My family and I just returned from a week long trip to Playa del Carmen, Mexico (south of Cancun). I had to get a few blocks away from the resorts to see evidence of local bike riders, since all I saw there was a couple of tourists riding full suspension mountain bikes on the sidewalk.

Morning Commute

On the main drag, I saw lots of residents biking to work or school. The bikes were pretty much all beaters.

Bike Lane in Playa del Carmen

10th Avenue featured a raised brick bike lane.


Most of the bikers seemed to be following driving laws (I have no idea what the Mexican rules are, but they were riding safely). These guys were on the sidewalk inside the gated resort area.

Cargo Bike

Check out this cargo bike! These things were all over.

Abandoned Bike

This seatless wonder reminded me of home, since they can be found all over campus.

Wet Roads

My riding time was limited to 20 minutes on the recumbent exercise bike inside the air conditioned health club.

Miles Ridden: 0 (but I plan to get out tomorrow!)

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