Ending the Month on a High Note (In More Ways Than One)

I haven’t ridden much this month, so I wanted to grab one more on the last day. Despite the forecast for isolated thunderstorms at drive time, I hopped on the Trek to head to work.

The weather this morning could not have been better for a ride. Sunny, light breeze, temps in the 60s – I could get used to this.

For lunch, I rode downtown to Sgt. Preston’s of the North to meet my wife. There’s no bike rack, so I chained the beast to a sign post next to the handicapped spot. (I should have brought the camera. I love posting about merchants with no racks.) Riding back to my office, I tried to see how slow I could go up the hill. The lowest speedometer reading was 1.7 MPH!

Because of a 7:00 engagement (and I needed to include cool down time), I took the shorter South Work Route home. Because of light tailwinds and an overall good mood, the ride was quick and fun (and thunderstorm free). One nice thing about the south route is that the US231 portion includes a bike lane. I seem to often take this route home on Friday when drive-time traffic can be heavy and impatient, and the lane provides a bit of safe haven. Once I leave the highway, South River Road offers no such protection.

US 231 - South River Road Bike Lane
Bike Lane on US231 South of West Lafayette

(When I took this shot the highway was surprisingly clear. Traffic was actually heavy most of the way out.)

My 7:00 was a rehearsal of the Lafayette Citizens’ Band in preparation for the Stars and Stripes concert on the 4th. Even though I’m playing 2nd trombone, I still had some high A-flats to belt out.

Miles Ridden: 11.2

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