I said yesterday that my legs were feeling pretty good. Well, that wasn’t the case today. I headed north into the wind, and my right knee was screaming. (I have an old rock-n-roll injury that involves a small town festival, a flat bed trailer, and “Wipe Out”.) My other knee was complaining as well. Up hill with a head wind is not how one treats a sore knee.

Anyway, enough griping!

Straw Rolls
What are these things called? Are they hay or straw?

My route started northeast on Newman Road to SR26, east to McCormick Road, and then north. I haven’t ridden north on McCormick past Cherry Lane in a long time because the stretch from there to Lindberg Road is narrow, curvy, and busy. I’ve had many drivers express their dissatisfaction by either yelling or driving too close (sometimes both). However, traffic was light at 6:30pm, so I went for it.

McCormick crosses US52 and continues to Morehouse Road. I turned left and caught 500N going west at the next intersection. At 375W I took another left which pointed me south with the wind at my back. This part of the ride was much more fun, and I ignored the knee the rest of the way home. After a couple of turns, the road becomes 400W and travels all the way to the big tree on Division Road.

Miles Ridden: 14.6

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