The New Breakfast Club

Before the Ride
Before the Ride

Trying to beat the heat once again, the neighbor and I went out early. His daughter had planned on joining us, but the hour was too early for a 13 yr. old to pull herself out of bed.

The route was pretty fun. We started out with the Lilly Road Route, but we kept heading east to Wabash Avenue. When we hit downtown, we went up the hills on State Street and by the stadium, and then found the Cattail Trail which took us north to the Route 66 Diner. I was feeling like I was being pretty healthy until breakfast came.

Mid Ride Breakfast
Probably more calories than I burned today, but it was delicious!

We rode back south on the trail to Lindberg and followed the back half of the North Work Route to get back home.

Miles Ridden: 28.2

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