Pack Mule

I carried a few extra things to work today – folders from the office, lunch – so I used my canvas attache bag in addition to my pannier. My baggage and contents added 12 pounds.

When I got in this morning, one of my co-workers was teasing me about messing up the traffic flow. Apparently, the cars in the right lane were all tapping their brakes and looking to switch to the left to get around me. All I saw was polite, orderly drivers sharing the road.

The 5:00 traffic on Grant Street was pretty thick. So much so that it took four light cycles to get across State Street. (I have to confess that I did a biker thing by riding up on the right side of all of the cars waiting at the Wood Street light. I can rationalize this behavior since they would have passed me had they been rolling.) At North Street, there was this older lady crossing on her bike in front of me who was so intently watching the traffic coming from a block away she didn’t see me until she almost hit me!

The rest of the ride on the North Work Route was uneventful.

Miles Ridden: 11.7

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