The Kids Are Back

The students are back on campus this week, and that also means the return of the bad example bikers.

They’re speeding down the sidewalks, riding on the wrong side of the street, flying against the flow on one-way streets (with or without a bike lane), and running stop signs and lights.

Kids, you’re not 10 years old tooling around the cul-de-sac anymore. You’re adults now, and you should act like it. A cyclist in Indiana (like most areas) enjoys the privilege of operating as a full-fledged vehicle on public roads, and is trusted with the responsibilities of that operation. Follow traffic laws, including observing traffic controls, yielding to pedestrians, and riding with traffic on the right side. ‘Take the lane’ if necessary. In the cities of West Lafayette and Lafayette (not on campus or in the unincorporated areas) it is illegal to ride on the sidewalk.

Still, I’m amused by the guys (hopefully underclassmen) riding the 20″ trick bikes to class. It’s as if their mommy and daddy haven’t bought them a ‘big boy’ bike yet. Also, I see the young ladies riding their 24″ Huffy with the seat all the way down. It hurts my old man knees just watching them pedal!

(Can you tell I’m in a grumpy mood today?)

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