Man’s Best Friend?

If had known it was going to be misting rain, I probably would have never left the garage. However, I had a good ride, and I’m kind of glad I went. This picture shows the overall gloominess of the day.

Goat Line Up
I’m not sure why these goats were lining up like this

My route took me on 400W and Jackson Highway to Montmorenci, and then east on US52 back to 400W. Early on, I was greeted by a barking dog, either a miniature collie or perhaps a sheltie, that ran out to meet me. His tail and ears were up, and he seemed to be saying hi. Later, when I was riding up a hill in an area without houses around, I heard another dog barking behind me. Assuming it was some feral dog that had come across the corn stubble looking for cyclist meat, I turned around expecting the worst. Instead, I saw a large white German Shepherd with his head out of the window of a car waiting patiently for me to clear the hill so it could pass. (Actually, the driver was waiting patiently. I have no idea how the car was feeling.)

Old Barn

I’ve been riding past this place on 400W for a while now, and I’m surprised it’s still standing. I especially like the hood from an old farm truck on the roof.

Miles Ridden: 13.8

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