I mentioned in my year end post that I had a ‘secret personal goal’ for total annual miles. This year has a number as well, and it will remain secret, as the goal’s name suggests.

However, I do have another couple of goals that I don’t mind making public.

Drawing of a upward trending graphFirst, I’d like to do more commuting and utility riding. My two commutes last week proved that I can ride in the winter under certain conditions – not too windy, not too cold, and not wet. (Tomorrow looks like one of those days.) I’ll still have the same impediments to daily commuting other than weather, mainly chauffeur duties with the kids after school, and scheduling and logistical problems at work. However, my goal is to minimize those issues as much as possible and ride whenever I can.

How can I measure my progress? I’m going to look at the last two years that are documented here, and grab a history of commuting to have a standard to measure against. I’m going to guess that there was much more commuting in 2006 than in 2005, but the numbers will show the truth.

Cyclist on a bike pathI can pretty much guess that my utility riding (grocery store runs, etc.) was almost non-existent this past year. Anything at all would be an improvement.

After the numbers are ready, I’ll post those results, and a goal for each month. The goals may be expressed in days ridden or trips made rather than miles ridden. I think that may be a better indication of my dedication. Miles ridden is already part of the secret goal.

My second goal is to ride more before work on those days when I can’t ride to work. Sometimes, those commuting impediments are going to win, so I have to get more comfortable with the pre-dawn rides. I said last year (towards the end of the post) that I was going to get a vest to be more visible. That will be my January assignment this year.

As with the commuting, I’ll measure my progress in the number of rides taken.

What are your goals for 2007?

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