In My Regular Clothes

Fritz over at Commute By Bike wrote about commuting to work in normal clothes instead of cycling gear, and how to stay relatively sweat free while doing it.

That was me today as I once again rode to and from work on the direct route. There wasn’t much chance of getting too warm today, as the temps were a couple of degrees below freezing at 7:30 when I left. My dress slacks are a little breezier than the Dockers® I usually wear, but the biggest problem was cold feet. My leather tasseled Florsheims just didn’t do the trick.

On the way home, I was passed by another commuter and we exchanged pleasantries. It wasn’t until after we passed that we realized we sort of knew each other. It was the guy from the Bike to Work Wednesdays announcement from September. (And we were riding on a Wednesday. How cool is that?) We chatted at the next light about traffic and weather, especially how both will be worse next week. It’s neat to be able to chat with other commuters while traveling home. That wouldn’t work if I were in my Saturn.

Miles Ridden: 7.0

First ride and first commute of the new year!!!

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