The Numbers

As I promised the other day, I added up the commute, utility, and pre-work morning rides from the past 2 years. Here are the numbers:

2005 2006 2007 Goals 2007
Commute 33 40 50 Wow! Almost a fifth of my work days – once a week
Utility 2 11 20 That’s less than 2 a month
Morning 26 9 15 It’s still going to be tough to get out in the dark

Man! I can’t format a table to save my life!!!

There was much more utility riding in 2006 than I remembered. But, wow! Look at the drop in morning rides! I blame my neighbor’s sabbatical and the switch to daylight saving time (rather than my lazy a….attitude). Commuting was up a little.

The goals may be a little aggressive, especially for commuting. We’ll see.

I’ll include the totals in my monthly reports.

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