Best Day of April So Far

Nice rides today. On the way in, I came upon a freshly killed deer on the road. An oncoming car was trying to drive around the carcass that was blocking his entire lane, so I pulled over to let him around. A co-worker told me that when he came through a half an hour later, someone had apparently pulled Bambi to the side. I won’t go into details, but it looked NASTY!

I’ve been feeling very comfortable lately while taking my place in traffic. My ride up Salisbury street up to and across Sagamore Parkway requires that I take the left lane for about three blocks. Once I saw a break in traffic and got over, I was confident that I was OK there. No one seemed too upset.

Walgreens Bike Rack
Walgreen’s Has A Bike Rack, Sort Of

I don’t know why Walgreen’s put their bike rack so far from the door and so close to the building. I eventually turned the bike around with the back wheel against the rack so it wouldn’t fall over. With the sidewalk kind of narrow, I was pretty much blocking access to the ramp at the end. In fact, right after I clicked the lock, a lady came out with a cart, and she seemed a little steamed that she had to push it over the edge of the sidewalk to get to her car (although, if she hadn’t pulled up so far, there would have been room).

I saw lots of commuters, students, and recreational cyclists riding around.

Miles Ridden: 13.0

Oh, I almost forgot about the weird bike I saw. Some kid was riding what looked like a 20″ BMX bike with a normal rear tire, and a 26″ front tire. He must have changed out the forks to handle the bigger wheel. Plus, the back tire was flat! I was going to ask him if I could get a photo, but he took off the wrong way down a one way street, and I didn’t feel like following him.

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